Robyn + Mark | Virginia Beach Couples Session

There are so many images with real moments of laughter in this blog that I had to actually “tone it down” when it came to blogging too many, and that is NOT a bad problem to have! Look at these belly laughs! Look at Robyn on her tippy toes. Look at that perfect squeeze hug in the sand with that adorable flower crown!! Is this gold? You bet it is!

Robyn and Mark are such good people…Lord knows I love a man that will put up with pictures! 🙂 Mark was so incredibly kind and he was indulging us and really ended up working it and I am so proud, haha! Robyn you are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out! You are such a wonderful wonderful salt-of-the-Earth-good-people couple but you have this SPARK of fun and personality to boot. I am so honored that I got to spend time with you for this couple’s session in Chick’s Beach!

And you know I love your doggie, because her name is Ellie just like my middle girl..haha 🙂 Can we take a moment to talk about how adorable it is how she smiles when you two are kissing and carrying her like a baby? Yeah I think my Ellie does that, too ahhahaha 🙂 Happy Monday!!! LOVE you guys!

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Oh Ellie girl 🙂 robyn-mark-1-196 robyn-mark-1-211 robyn-mark-1-212

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