Ryan + Rachel | A Little SNOW in OBX!

I just sat down to write and I said to my husband, look at them– I just feel happy looking that them. I can wear a tough thick skin all I want (or actually I cry all the time but I do try to pretend to be tough, ahha!) but moving to a new place is so hard! When it came to adjusting to traffic, environment, a brand new errands and shopping route– those were a breeze. But the people..when you move somewhere else, that’s what’s hard. It’s scary because you don’t know many people there and it’s way harder when you move and you have kids….it’s hard and kind of lonely! We thank God all the time for our friend Katie here and Erin, too — but naturally we were like YAY okay let’s meet some new people!!

We still have yet to double date (it’s coming soon, I feel it!) but Ryan and Rachel are so, so, so purely salt of the Earth good people to their core. They’re kind, understanding, total flirts with each other and the perfect match and I immediately loved being around them when I met them! After the first time I hung out with Rachel I was terribly teary eyed when I got back home because I felt like there was finally someone to really connect with who just liked me for the emotional photography and daughter obsessed spaz that I am. Ryan has always been equally nice and although I know the world is full of all kinds of amazing people, they have to be some of my favorites.

Okay– so on top of all of that, they are TALENTED!!!! My favorite thing about them as wedding photographers is that they have the personalities — they are THERE. They connect. They love their brides and grooms and they want them to have the best, and they work hard for it. The industry is making a beautiful shift in this direction and clients are realizing they want awesome and kind AND talented people to work with — and so if you’re looking for a dynamic husband and wife team, they’re here AND they travel!! THANK YOU GUYS for slipping out with me in the snow last minute for a really quick but frozen session ahahha!! XOOXOXOX

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