Sachel + Ethan | Kitty Hawk Engagements

This is one of those rare couples that has more of a STORY to their story..because it all started a LONG time ago. When they left our house Mike said “I wish we had known each other that long, too!” We sometimes get a little envious of couples who have a beginning that starts during childhood–we feel like it’s SO adorable and charming! Without ranting all day long about my love for them..I’m going to let most of it be said in the images. You WILL feel something looking at these two. You’ll see two people that knew each other growing up. Ethan, at nine years old, told Sachel’s mom that he was going to marry her someday. These were taken THREE DAYS after their engagement so they just happened to be coming to me already as planned for a regular session..and I turned it into mini engagements!! πŸ™‚

I LOVED this whole time with them from the Avalon Pier to Baldie’s to Kitty Hawk MP4 at Black Pelican. I thought my new home was the perfect backdrop for these two completely smitten right-off-the-press engaged, and I’m so honored they made the drive here. And..that ring. It sparkles just much as Sachel herself and THAT is very, very hard to compare to. I’m so honored to know you two– thank you for coming to see me and letting your nieces play with Cammy! It got wild!! πŸ™‚

kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-1 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-2 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-3
The WARMEST light, my favorite!


Another reason my new hometown is just adorable. Things like this EVERYwhere.


GOLD. Love this time of day on the beach! Avalon Pier is always a win!Β kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-6 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-7 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-8

Wow, this thing!!! πŸ™‚

kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-9 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-10 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-11 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-12

Who knew this was a public beach access parking lot? Awesome!!!!!


kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-14 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-15 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-16 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-17 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-18 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-19 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-21

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  1. Great pictures! Great couple!

  2. Omg! Love this session so much Amanda!! Love! Love! Love!

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