Salt Air Mentoring Spring 2016! | Photographers

I have always loved mentoring, watching people feel welcome, encouraged, light bulbs lighting up..but it became a whole entire other experience when I got to start doing them here in the Outer Banks! Small town coffee shops, restaurants, shooting headshots under the pier to promise us shade on harshly lit days..just BEING in the salt air with these girls/guys. I love EVERY second of it! I talk so much and I always keep them too long! I am so glad amongst a lot of traveling for conferences, Spring weddings and a brand new little girl we were able to squeeze five dates in but three are already taken so I wanted to share this for anyone who has shot me an email in the past asking about available mentoring dates! Please visit the site below to see the date and time and then click the link to shoot me an email and let’s set something up to hang here in the beautiful Outer Banks together! 🙂

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