Salt Air Motherhood Experience | Outer Banks Workshop!

A pattern started to develop over the past couple of years, and I finally caught on. I was mostly mentoring women who were either thinking about becoming mothers or already were. Not all of them, but most. My favorite thing about this was that we were on the same level of understanding where we knew that we wouldn’t have abundant amounts of time to ourselves if we chose motherhood and business but that it was SUCH a possibility and worth a shot!! I started to feel like maybe I had a calling to create a workshop environment that was just for mothers or women who had that on their radar so we could focus on how we would run a creative business and raise those little ones, too!

We are SO excited to be announcing this right now because my heart is bursting with ideas, so much sentiment and just overall joy to be creating this experience for moms in the photography industry! Bringing you here to the salty aired, refreshing Outer Banks and making sure you get lots of valuable info, love and understanding, and reassurance in knowing how much you’re not alone in this daily hustle of motherhood and entrepenuership is so important to us and that’s what this workshop is all about! More detailed information is below, and within a couple days of signing up you’ll receive a welcome email complete with accomodation information and a survey to grab some info about YOU so I can get to know you better before arrival! 🙂


INFO IS BELOW!! 🙂 Sign up link that directs you to the website is below, too — can not WAIT to see you little mamas in the salt air of our beautiful, inspiring Outer Banks! 🙂


GENERAL INFO (some of this will be repeat info on the website, a little more details are below though!):

Dates: Sunday September 18 – Tuesday September 20

General timing within dates: Dinner doesn’t start until 6pm on Sunday and it’s not mandatory but very encouraged that you come! 🙂 We should be wrapping up shortly after lunch on Tuesday allowing most attendees either travel time home or additional leisure time while in the Outer Banks! 🙂

Objectives: Scheduling systems, organizational/business software, creating exclusive mom time and date nights, time optimization within office hours, efficient client contracts and invoicing, business mobility, social media/marketing, pregnancy and your work schedule, nursing and pumping on the job, editing faster, photography based work flow strategy, client experience, blogging and more! Hands on shooting and settings during styled shoot time for those needing more technical help! 

Meals provided: Welcome dinner on Sunday, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on Monday, Breakfast on Tuesday

Hotel is not included because several of our attendees stay in town longer with family, use friends/family beach homes, etc…but, we DID make sure we chose the weeks after Labor Day to ensure far lower hotel prices! 

Payment options: Firstly…tickets for newsletter recipients are $100 off until Thursday, May 5! After that they’ll go from $650 to $750 a seat. You are absolutely welcome to pay one of two ways at your convenience, in full OR with only $250 down and the remainder due two weeks prior to the event. The PayPal buttons should make the payment process very easy! If you need anything, of course, email me! 🙂

Additional sponsor info and itinerary will become available in the upcoming months! We will no doubt have an amazing line up as usual!!! 



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