Samantha + Nick | Manteo Waterfront Engagements

Samantha and Nick…we FINALLY got to do this!! Haha! After reschedules left and right from getting rained out, we were able to pull off shooting these beautiful engagements and I am just so glad we finally did. We met by the waterfront in Manteo on a chilly day, Samantha…you’re brave! I always feel bad when I’m bundled and clients are cold but then again, I do make them warm each other up with lots of squeezing and warm posing haha so I just need you guys to know I am proud of you braving it that windy Friday!

This is a pair I could hang with all the time. I loved their jokes, I loved their puppy Nola and I loved something about them that felt so warm and like a genuine friendship and comfortability between them. That’s not a default compliment either…not all couples we have worked with have these things and when you find them between two people you see how precious it is! Nick and Samantha…you’re easy on the eyes and so easy on the heart, too. You helped me get back into the swing of shooting after the accident and I will never forget that! It meant so much to me…and also that custom Mermaid Mafia bumper sticker for when we get a new car for our family, Samantha that is so thoughtful and we are SO thankful for you!!! 🙂

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  1. Such a beautiful couple. And the venue was stunning.

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