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Okay I guess I can take some pretty obscure personal life situations and ALWAYS turn them into a blog post. Here goes a wild one but it actually has a great point and some of you fellow over thinkers and philosophers in a past life like me will GET IT!

We moved to somewhere we are smitten with beyond smitten and in love with and sometimes we just sit here and cry out of  happiness. It’s weird, but we do. We drive on beach road on the way back from the grocery store sometimes just to do it. The bypass is faster and would take us right to our house but we have to soak this all in. Every Saturday that I don’t shoot or Sunday morning/afternoon, we drive to wherever we’re going and Mike and I ALWAYS bring up the same question to one another. “Has it hit you yet?” We both are waiting for the moment it hits us that this is home but then I’m also thinking..maybe it won’t, maybe that’s a good thing. I really don’t know because having a feeling hit you is another experience in its own and I can’t predict it.

This is something we are thankful for every minute of every day. We have been to the beach 29 times since moving in and we have a chalkboard with tallys to prove it! When we lived in Virginia Beach, the total for the entire summer would be half of that. We tried but we just didn’t love it there as much as we gave it chance after chance.

So in order to keep us grounded and brought back down to reality, there’s something here we have to deal with that we didn’t at our home back in Hampton Roads. Sandspurs..those little vicious stickers that get stuck in your foot and cause you burst with some sort of a yelp or scream out loud because although tiny they HURT! We have them in our house all the time. Even though we take our shoes off at the door, we track them in! Cammy got her first not that long ago and although I felt bad, I thought to myself..oh okay, there is a price for being in this perfect place. It’s keeping us humble and grounded to know that although, yes, we live where people spend their THOUSANDS of dollars on their ideal vacation weeks every year..we have to step in sandspurs weekly. I will gladly take the abuse of these little devils to live in this wonderful place!!!

Sometimes I feel like when we start to get comfortable or think things are going really smoothly, we get these little reminders sent to us to remember to stay grounded and humble and be more aware of situations and surroundings instead of just blindly going in head first and assuming all will be perfect. Although these things REALLY hurt, it’s only for a minute and for long enough to remind me to accept that they will always be a part of our lives down here, and that’s okay! I still — STILL — two months later have two bug bites that aren’t healed from the British VIrgin Islands. They’re almost there, but they were rough! Every paradise has it’s downfalls but there’s a price you sign up to pay for to be able to experience the good stuff 🙂

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  1. Deborah says:

    Leave it to you to take a sandspur and shoot a gorgeous photo of it! Those things sure do hurt! I remember them well when I’d go to Assateague on the Eastern Shore! And I’ve sure experienced them there as well! Any time you have dunes….. Just watch where y’all walk! And check for shells and sea glass!

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