Sarah + David | Nags Head Outer Banks Anniversary

I’m making plans to pull this couple down here to be my neighbors as FAST as I can! Haha! Oh my gosh but really, Sarah and David are GOOD people. Down to earth, not to mention completely beautiful inside and out..I just had the best time hanging out with them from the beginning of the session with their little Sophia (their baby girl!) to the end of the session at an abandoned home! And they didn’t judge my car they had to ride around in..thank gosh. Now after that I know they have good hearts, lol!

I love that we started planning this at the beginning of this year! I looked back at old emails and realized that Sarah had this session on her radar last February — I can’t believe it’s been that long! I LOVE anniversary sessions!!! 🙂 When a couple honors their relationship and decides to have their exclusive portraits done, it’s so nice. We did sneak a little Sophia time in when I first got’ll see a couple of those at the very end 🙂 And..another thing I must say is that I am truly honored to be the one to capture this for them because Sarah is a photographer and it’s always completely flattering when another one uses you for portraits! THANK YOU and happy happy happy anniversary!!! 🙂

David actually proposed at a lifeguard stand! Isn’t this perfect?!


 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-76 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-87 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-91 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-97

“I know this sounds crazy but we need to stand in front of these colored kayaks at Farm me!” — it worked!! 🙂 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-103 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-113

And then this amazing house happened. PERFECT place to end the evening!! Such a gem! outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-116 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-127 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-128

Sarah makes me happy just being in her company. This is SO her look right here– just gorgeous. outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-137 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-139 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-144 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-145 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-1472014-08-17_0001 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-150 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-165 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-173

And a little Sophia action!!! Can you even BELIEVE how beautiful she is?! It’s unreal! But then again, her parents are, too!! 🙂

outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-10 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-24 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-31 outer-banks-wedding-photographer-anniversary-photo-obx-54

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  1. Sarah Wood says:

    you are so FAB <3 I need to find more wall space for each.and.every image 😀

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