Sarah + Nelson | Virginia Beach Anniversary

I have to say how incredibly honored I am when ANYONE books me, of course, because it’s always an honor. It’s a big deal to capture someone’s life and them as they are in this moment. A big deal. But when a photographer books a photographer, it’s especially flattering! And when they drive from Maryland for their session!? Even BETTER!!

Sarah and I met at Justin and Mary’s What’s Next Tour last January and I’m so glad we did! She made my WHOLE night when she said she had followed my work! I remember getting on the phone and telling my husband before we even got home. He is like me, he’s so excited and grateful for things like that! Sometimes you wonder if anyone is looking at your work, haha! Sarah is SO talented, her newborn images make me melt and they’re all crafted so perfectly! You can see her work HERE!

Nelson and Sarah braved one of the coldest days I’ve experienced in my life..and I can’t thank them enough. If there is snow on the beach then you KNOW it was freezing! Thank you Veil Studios for doing an amazing job on her hair and makeup!! 🙂

virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-1 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-2 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-3 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-4 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-5 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-6 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-7 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-8 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-9 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-10 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-11 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-12 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-13 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-14 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-15 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-16 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-17 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-18 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-19

virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-20 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-21 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-22 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-23 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-24 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-25 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-26 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-27 virginia-beach-anniversary-amanda-hedgepeth-28

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