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This is something that applies to EVERYONE! Not just you, little mamas! All of us! So many photographers work a full time job in addition to running their business. You shoot a session, you post a sneak peek, and then you go to work the next day. Then that weekend you shoot a wedding. Then the next week you shoot another session. NOW you’re two sessions and a wedding behind. Then you edit the first session finally sometime before the next session but you’re STILL behind when you go to shoot this next session.

Chaos! Disorganization. A little devil on your shoulder saying “Why are you watching Netflix? You need to edit!?” “Why are you sitting and reading this book, you have editing to do.” Or WORSE– taking your child to go do something fun or trying to spend family time with the ones you love KNOWING you have work that needs to be done. Yes– your contract says you have 6-8 weeks but why do you need to take that long? Unless something happens..why are you using that whole time to get images back?

And why are you making your clients wait so long? You’re taking time and JOY away from yourself, too! The longer you wait, the more excitement fades on THEIR end and YOURS. You are less excited if you’ve just been letting them sit. Your clients are less excited because they’ve woken up every single day wondering if they will see them. I don’t at ALL mean to guilt anyone– so if you are taking it that way, STOP. This is about making your lives easier, too. If you take 8 weeks now then that’s TOTALLY fine! If you’re so booked and busy though and you’re taking a year…you gotta consider outsourcing your editing– to get your life back and to give exceptional customer service. Isn’t that what it’s all about!?

The fact of the matter is, getting things done faster is for you and your client. It’s a WIN-WIN hands down. I hate that it took me SO long in the past and I thank my clients for their graciousness and their kindness as I figured out how to be a mama and business owner and balance it all. What if you scheduled your editing? You would show up to a scheduled session/wedding/etc right? So make yourself show up to your editing that you schedule, too!

If you schedule a session to be shot on Wednesday, find a time within the next week to EDIT the whole shebang. Schedule a day to have it blogged, too! You can schedule blogs to go live at a certain time on most blog sites and you can schedule business page posts on Facebook, too! OR– an alternative idea is to have ONE designated day a week that you rock out ALL of your editing.

PARENTS– make this uninterrupted time, as in have someone there to take care of the kids OR make your editing mobile like I just did! I just invested in a MacBook Pro so that I can take my editing OUT of the house and get it done so so fast! Considering incorporating babysitting fees into the cost of a session! The last two times I raised sessions prices, they accommodated the cost of a sitting both for shooting the session and for editing it!

You MUST READ THIS as a helpful guide and not “look how fast I work and how great I am”. Do not read it resentfully I beg of you! We are all different and run our businesses differently, but this is just my perspective as a mama that wants to best for herself and her family and clients. I LOVE sharing what has changed my business and what has helped me succeed and THIS is one of those things! Guess what? I have a two month old and a two year old and tomorrow morning I’m waking up at 5am while they all still sleep to get this done because in order to have more time with them and be the kind of mama I want to, I have to get work done and that’s OKAY for me to do every now and then. I have no shame in admitting I work myself very hard to get the results I want for my business! Working HARD makes the successful moments worth it. I wouldn’t feel right if this all came so easy!

Happy editing and workflow! I write this because I love ya! 🙂



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  1. I love this Amanda – I am so guilty of this, because I work a full-time job also and I travel 140 miles round trip everyday. I am exhausted when I get home and just can’t bring myself to edit sometimes. I just want to flop on the couch. I try not to make my clients wait, but sometimes its unavoidable. Do you have a workflow chart that you use?

  2. Krista says:

    I love this! I have started scheduling my editing time b/c of another post of yours, and it is amazing!! I can finish a wedding in 2 days instead of dragging it out for 4 weeks!! Love taking that wasted time and spending it with my kiddos! 🙂 Thanks, Amanda!!!

  3. Amanda — i am dying over the “little devil on your shoulder saying “Why are you watching Netflix? You need to edit!?” comment. You are the cutest! haha. Great advice as always 🙂

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