Sharon + Jason | Rustic + Pink Portsmouth Wedding

Last year, I had a shoot scheduled with this REALLY sweet girl for a couples session. We were heading to Smithfield, they’d been together a while and she really wanted nice pictures of the two of them! I was excited to shoot and getting squared away to finalize booking when along came an email from Jason, the boyfriend. He told me he was going to propose to her and that I had to pretend I knew nothing…and I was SOOOO over the moon to get this kind of an email! I love when couples shoots turn into proposals and I documented the moment they became fiances!! 🙂 So, let’s fast forward to a year later..

Where…inevitably, after SO much planning and hard work, a hurricane trucks along to their wedding day. Do you ever have any way to prepare for this?! No..but these amazing guests, bridal party and family STILL came out and had an amazing time! You see, their smiles are going to tell it all — how genuine this friendship set on fire into love is, but it was so worth all of the flooding and craziness. They’re so considerate and SO good to us that they even stopped their reception to make US DANCE!!! Like, alone! A special dance to “my girl” because that day was our ninth anniversary of being a couple and they knew that about us. How selfless is Sharon for setting that up!?! I can’t imagine beating the rain with two better people. We love you and and are SO thankful for you!!


Andddd here’s a little video from us…sorry we always record these late night but they come from the heart hahah! 🙂



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