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Last year in June, I was shooting an incredible wedding in DC. It worked out perfectly that a photographer who’s SO sweet needed headshots while we were there, too..and then even more fate set in when Jasmine Star announced her workshop dates and it fell RIGHT when we would be up there traveling! The Jasmine Star workshop was something I was so EXCITED but sooo nervous about, I was going to meet someone who to me had been a major staple in defining how I shaped my business and built so strongly so quickly. Her willingness to share share share on social media, YouTube, her blog..and I never had spent a dime to look at it…I felt it was such a good thing to invest back into her and her loving and giving heart.

I learned SO much that day, so much I was overwhelmed in a good way! Anyone who has done a mentoring session, conference, workshop know that feeling right!? Like WOW this is a lot of info and I need to not only take it in, but apply it and start making things happen! Some people experience this and unfortunately feel too overwhelmed and retreat back a little, thinking that they don’t have the time, resources or financial ability to “make it happen” right away. You’s not a race! A year later I am looking at my website finally realizing that I have taken time strategically and wisely to apply fully what I learned then and my brand is now exactly how I want it to be..and that workshop was ALL about owning your brand!

Jasmine told us it’s more than marketing, logos, also have to shoot for your brand. If you are using the words classic and timeless, your images have to match the description. If you are using fun, your couples can’t ALWAYS be serious..they need to look like they are having fun…it needs to come full circle. I rebranded earlier this year to match our Outer Banks salty and sunshiny souls, what was ME and my family to the utmost degree. We are mostly in colorful clothes at all times, we love the sea, the waves mainly, and we love all elements that speak Outer Banks down to the white wash wood you see in cottages and on fences. So..I rebranded for it. My “word” was CHEERFUL…because that’s not just me, that’s the descriptor for my couples! And I LOVE that my couples hearts are so much like my own, it makes it a pure joy to be able to work with such happy people all the time!

So the other day I opened my website to take a look and something just hit me, I realized I didn’t just like my brand and images, I LOVED THEM. I 100% felt like oh my gosh this is SO ME! And my couples look so cheerful! And things are so BRIGHT and natural and this is what I’ve been striving for to come full circle for SO long! These inquiries I am getting fit my personality, they are so happy, SO excited to marry the love of their life…a dream come true for a small business owner!

The next time you go out to a shoot..think of your branding WORD or words. Try to make sure most of your images, poses and shooting style reflect that and you’ll love adding those to your website and blog to show off how awesomely your couples fit what you are striving for! It will help attract the clients you are working so hard to brand for too, and you can’t beat that! Happy Wednesday friends! 🙂

Shoot For Your Brand

Below are examples of how I’ve specifically shot “for my brand” — starting with this BRIGHT blue wall! For five years I’ve been a lover of colorful walls and my heart bursts at the sight of one in good light, so I had to make this work! 🙂


LAUGHING! I love laughter, it’s…wait for it..branding word..SO CHEERFUL! And yes, I may say, “okay everyone laugh right at me!” when this happens but what usually happens is I wait to shoot for a second or two after the fake laughter inevitably turns into real smiles and laughter…bam! Branding image accomplished! 🙂


Sunshiny, glowing and warm…my brand is absolutely a reflection of these things and when I can bring the sun so perfectly into an image, it’s perfection!


Real moments full of pure love and cheer. I absolutely LOVE what I do 🙂


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  1. Love this! Your brand SO matches your sunshiney personality! <3

  2. Wow!! i needed this today! It was like hitting the nail on the head!!! Ive been struggling this week super bad with debating on rebranding and pretty much starting fresh and after reading this i think its the right decision for me to rebrand!!. I want to look at my logo brand and the whole package and say wow i love this!! Thats something i can’t say right now, i like my brand but i don’t love it! Now just to take on that ever so overwhelming journey of rebranding!!! Wish me luck as i jump into this new journey of loving myself my brand and my business!!!

  3. Wow i needed this today! It was like hitting the nail on the head! This whole week I’ve been debating weather or not rebranding is the route i should take or not and after reading this is know now i need to rebrand! I do like my brand but i don’t love it! I want my logo brand and the whole package to represent me, I wanna look at my site and brand and say wow thats me 🙂 just like you did! Ahhh now to just jump into the ever so overwhelming task of rebranding!! Wish me luck! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Amanda my love, I LOVE this!! You have no idea how much I needed this! I’ve been thinking about this off and on for DAYS!! I’ve been so afraid to turn down sessions knowing DARN well they don’t match my brand, but this just reminded me of how important this REALLY is! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!

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