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This is something photographers dread and anyone in an industry where they can’t miss a day! You wouldn’t believe it and I won’t go into details to spare you the grossness of the situation, but UPON ARRIVING at my wedding Saturday….I got really, really, really sick out of nowhere.

This isn’t morning sickness, I’m past that. And it was almost worse than any bout of that I ever experienced. All of a sudden I was sweating like a dog, throwing up (sorry..I’ll spare the rest) and trying to keep my head in the game while not trying to pass out from getting sick over and over again.

THANK GOODNESS I arrived early! Thank GOODNESS I left the house early, too– I was 20 minutes from my venue in Portsmouth and I left an hour and a half ahead of time just in case…and you know what? THE TUNNEL WAS CLOSED. The only one I knew how to to there I had to reroute thanks to my husband on the phone walking me through it.

My assistant Debbie did all of the physical carrying of details, getting my lenses, etc while I shot them– ran to the bathroom..came back and shot more, until I had covered all of the detail shots. By the time I was ready to get the girls candid getting ready shots, I was FINALLY feeling better…but without Debbie, my husband and my little brother who watched my daughter while Mike drove out to Portsmouth to help me out — I don’t know WHAT I would have done!

I can tell you it was a nightmare for the first 45 minutes but then adrenaline kicked in…but all I’m gonna say is now I am realizing I think I know exactly what I ate to trigger this. NEVER AGAIN. I am just so thrilled that there is a mechanism that takes over and makes you work in these situations! I continued to shoot, didn’t skip a beat and covered the whole wedding even though the poor couple had the rain to deal with, we have a shoot to be scheduled in the future for some beautiful outdoor portraits 🙂

I said I felt like superwoman last week because I re-branded my business within months of coaching with Katelyn, got a new site, blog, etc— WELL NOW I FEEL LIKE SUPERWOMAN FOR REAL! HAHA! Thank you again to Debbie, Mike and Andrew. Holy moly I’m glad I know how to rock it out!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I love this couple- I have never seen two people so calm and enjoying being MARRIED despite having to change around their day and deal with the weather! Can’t wait to blog this Wednesday! 🙂


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  1. I have had a few clients ask me at consults if i have a “backup” in case anything happens to me… I tell them yes, but always follow it up with “but i would have to be near death for that to happen”… I had to put my money where my mouth was at a wedding in June… i had JUST gotten there and i stepped wrong walking out of a door and rolled my ankle… BADLY. i thought it was broken. I sat on the ground talking myself up, trying not to cry and trying to figure out what i was going to do…. the swelling was instant… my ankle was 3 times it’s size within minutes. after a few minutes, tears, and a mild panic attack, i got up and tied to stand. it took me a while but i was to hobble around… like you, adrenaline kicked in and i managed to make it through the day. It was the worst sprain i have ever had. it took almost 2 months to heal and it still isn’t right. You gotta do what you gotta do! LOL! Way to hang in there! and so far the pics look awesome!

  2. bdnewell says:

    Oh you poor thing…..what a mess! So glad it turned out all right though. That’s not a good thing to go through! That’s why we have assistants, and I couldn’t do without mine! That picture looks wonderful though, and I’m sure all of them are fantastic! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Elisabeth says:

    You ARE superwoman!

  4. aren’t you lucky that you had some family back-up? 🙂 glad all worked out in the end….and glad you are better!

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