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They’re back! The bruises, the quick nods that feel like hours. What am I talking about right now?! Is this new baby exhausted delirium? Maybe..but at least I was able to crank out this blog post! Can I get an Amen!?

New babies make their presence known even when they’re not in your arms by leaving little signs with you, whether you’re in the next room or off for some alone time. Here’s how those littles suckers make sure to tell everyone else you’re a new mom before you have the chance to!

1. You’re standing in line somewhere, and you’re rocking back and forth…for no reason. You will find yourself doing this a lot! After Cammy and Ellie were over a year and a half old we STILL caught ourselves doing this out of habit! It makes you look a little crazy but you’re just so used to constantly moving to keep them comforted…and there you are in line at the grocery store rocking yourself looking either crazy or impatient. Or both 🙂

2. You have spit up or drool stains near your shoulder but were too busy/preoccupied to notice…how sexy! Haha!

3. You have bruises on the sides of your legs from hauling that carseat around, if you’re short like me and have a hard time carrying it without bumping it all over and abusing yourself, lol!

4. Hopefully this won’t happen, but I’ve had plenty of experience with this one. Oops…I have two wet spots on my shirt because I’m leaking and forgot nursing pads. Glad everyone in Harris Teeter saw that and didn’t say anything…looks TOTALLY normal. (MORTIFIED, lol!!!!!)

5. You fall asleep for less than a minute and it just felt like 10 minutes, you fell asleep for 5 minutes and it felt like three hours…..!!!!

6. You forget to turn off the white noise (fan, music, ocean sounds, etc) after the baby is already up and awake and end up letting it run almost all the time. We’re like this without our bathroom fan downstairs during the day!

7. Pacifiers in pockets (found two this week in old jacket pockets!). And purses. And at home, under couches and beds. And you get SO excited when you find them…because you don’t wanna keep buying more hahaha!

8. And lastly…come on…you can’t help but bring them up. You’re beaming and you’re so proud and excited! Or tired, but probably more excited 🙂 You probably just stepped away from them and are at the store, post office, work, etc…but you’re already missing them and you know it 🙂 So, you have to talk about all the little cute things they do. And before you know’re pulling your phone out showing pictures and videos! Congrats new mama and welcome to the incredibly fun roller coaster of motherhood!!!! 🙂

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