Simplified Planners with an Online Calendar

I ended shooting a family session the other day to look down at my phone to see a voice text message waiting for me from one of my favorite people. She told me she’s been using her online calendar for a while and although she LOVED the Simplified Planner when she had it, she didn’t know how much use she would get out of having one if she used her online calendar so frequently for #allthethings and she asked how I got use out of my Simplified Planner if I too was using an online calendar as often as she was. So the question was posed: Do I NEED both? And another question: Would I keep up with my Simplified Planner if I used an online calendar as well? And here’s how I answered…

YES. Like, SO much YES! I totally admitted to her that I went a while without a planner, too, BEFORE I discovered the Simplified Planner and while I was using an online one all the time. Why have a hard copy when at a couple clicks of a button you can access yours online? Conveniently, from anywhere? Well friends…this is where intentionality comes in. And I will tell you that being intentional about your limited and valuable time can be what makes or breaks your joy (and capacity!) as a business owner/hard worker & all of the other hats you wear whether that’s mom, wife, volunteer, hobbyist, etc…you can’t just float through days without some sort of plan when you wear more than one hat. And I think it’s safe to say…we ALL have more than one hat when it comes to life duties, interests and obligations. So how do I use both my planner and online calendar concurrently?

My online calendar view stays at a month glance. I have everything I need to know on there, different calendars for our Family, Business, Bill Schedule, Batch Work schedule and now our new charity we are building. I add things where they go, at the proper times, and I never take it off of the MONTH view. My Simplified Planner is the Daily (a page for every day with hourly spaces from 6am-9pm, To Do list spaces alongside of that and NOTES section at the bottom) and I use the YEARLY planner (Jan 1-Dec 31).

Once a week on Sunday or whenever an event is added, I update my Simplified planner and make sure all matches up. This may feel like “extra” to some people, BUT…this act alone of acknowledging these events more than just that one time I enter them on to my online calendar REALLY helps me to be mindful about what my schedule is looking like so that I don’t just space out and overbook and take on too much.

And here’s why having the Simplified Planner is such a YES for me in addition to using that online calendar. When I go to write out my daily, I get to break it down into a little more detail. Where it says “office time 9:05am-12:05pm” on my ONLINE calendar, I will get to be wise and intentional and choose WHAT will be done during that office time, or what’s due, or what to prioritize. That is not something I would be able to fit on to my online calendar without REALLY jamming it up! The simplistic, beautiful layout of the Simplified Planner allows me to clearly outline my day in more detail.

Some examples:

* It may say “Library books due” on our Family online calendar, but when I sit down the Sunday prior, I’ll give that a time slot home in a place that makes sense, probably around 9am when we’re already heading back from the YMCA. I wouldn’t write a specific time for them to be due or dropped off on our online calendar, but sitting down and thinking about it the week prior to refine our schedule and plans a little makes sense.

* If I know I’m getting three hours of office time on a Monday, of course that’s noted in my online calendar. But when it comes down to planning my week intentionally the Sunday before it begins, I may want to make sure I prioritize what work tasks need to get done during that specific 3 hour window so I stay caught up and don’t sit down without a plan…something I learned a LONG time ago is NOT my entrepreneurial friend, LOL!

Emily ALSO has some amazing videos for you guys! Color coding, how she uses her planner and even this topic – using a paper planner with digital calendar! BROWSE HERE! 

I love the sturdiness, I love the simplicity and I love the cheerful colors of my planner. I LOVE having something my girls can look through one day to save that documented what our schedule was like. I love Emily Ley and her company and her heart, this is definitely worth the investment of $58 to pick up to use well for your entire year!

On WEDNESDAY (SEPTEMBER 5) the 2019 planners launch and sometimes they sell out VERY quickly. Don’t wait on this! 

I already have the stretchy bands (VERY awesome for taking in your purse and keeping tightly shut!) but I’ll be picking up more color coding stickers, a Thin Happy Stripe Daily planner, flag stickers, washi tape and arrow paper clips. You’re so more than welcome to use our affiliate link below to order on Wednesday 10am Eastern Time – it doesn’t cost anything extra to use our link!!! 🙂



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