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A little town rallied together for an amazing cause this weekend. One of my grooms from 2012, Brent Mason has been going through more than I can imagine dealing with oral cancer and his incredible, beautiful and selfless wife Stephanie who does nothing but put EVERYone else first has been by his side the whole time. I was so lucky to shoot not only their wedding but a couple of ‘just because’ sessions after that and I loved hanging with them every single time.

Southampton County is big in size but spread out demographically and definitely “small town”. Everyone knows everyone. I can defintely vouch that everyone knows my father in law, Brian Hedgepeth because of his hole-in-one record at the golf course…or wait, I think maybe because of being with Bronco for a while.. I can’t remember which reason it is 🙂

But regardless, everyone TOTALLY stepped up when it was time to help out this family who is going through a hard time! I was SO grateful to be one of the sponsors there! Now if only my unruly two year old would have let me stayed longer..but that’s okay, we made it through 2 1/2 hours unharmed and that’s big for parents of such young ones!!

Last I heard over 700 tickets were sold. That is HUGE! I’m so glad that my husband is from a place where people get together like this and support one another!! Another huge plus to the weekend? Getting to hang with my bride and groom Katie and Kevin who are getting married in Southampton in October! Don Panchos for some of the best laughs, beer and good times– we needed that y’all so thank you for the company! I DO however have to mention I missed one Jessica Jervey Holloman and Susan McClain Falcone!!!!! 🙂 Next time ladies, next time!! 🙂

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  1. Tricia phelps says:

    What a Blessing Brent’s event was! I love living in a small town just because of what happened on Saturday. We will now continue to pray for his healing and his energy and his and Stephanie’s strength to get through all the radiation And chemo.

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