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Well I just hit the jackpot with my clients. I think the people that book with me have the biggest hearts and their priorities in order. They ALWAYS are empathetic to me being a new mom and figuring it all out. One thing that I’m lucky for was that Jennifer was empathetic about was the fact that my babysitter for her DAD..was stuck in tunnel traffic and I had to take along my 6 month old wild women to her shoot.

The whole drive there I’m like NO seriously!? How am I going to do this! I have to make it work but I feel so bad that I’m bringing my baby along to ‘work’…but I was determined to do it.

Camryn not only was an angel, but I shot some of these with her in the Baby Bjorn! Yes, I DID IT! I feel like this is an accomplishment for any momtographer and I definitely deserved the carryout on the way home instead of cooking that wasn’t easy! My Mark II just about hit my poor child in the head but I blocked it and shot as cleanly and as quickly as I could…shoot a one year old’s portraits with my 6 month old attached to me? I’m crazy, but thank you Jennifer for holding Cammy after I decided to let her loose and for being so patient. We did it! We are super moms! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL SOPHIA! One of the prettiest, sweetest little blue eyed blonde gals in this town! 🙂



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  1. Jennifer Lee says:

    These are so great first off!!!! And second!! I didn’t mind one bit that you had to bring Cammy 🙂 she is so sweet and I’m so glad I got to meet her! You are a great mom and photographer and I am so lucky I found you 🙂

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