Stacey + Adam | Hopewell Virginia Maternity

It started with a little “Small Business Saturday” contest I ran on my business fan page. I NEVER run contests because any business owner will tell you it can bring some interesting people to your attention– but mama hit the the jackpot!!!!! Stacey and Adam are a beautiful, sweet, enjoyable and head-over-heels couple who are welcoming their first baby, Madelyn, this summer! Based on that little profile in the ultrasound pic, I think they’re in trouble…she’s going to gorgeous especially with this good looking set of parents she has! 🙂 And I can DEFINITELY tell you she’s going to be soooooo loved!

We shot this session around 4:45 pm because the park in Hopewell we wanted to use had us a little hesitant about when would could start based on the gate times so we really rocked out a VERY VERY sunny day and big kudos to Adam and Stacey who braved the cold! YES— I said COLD! There is so much warmth from sunshine in these images, but here are we– in April, freezing again! What gives?! Go away winter! You’re depressing photographers everywhere!

CONGRATS AGAIN ADAM & STACEY! Madelyn is coming into a house with a lot of love AND a big brother Charlie, the most beautiful (and soft) yellow lab around! 🙂

And a special thanks to Dianna Lester for meeting me out here and assisting!! I am so grateful for your time and kindness 🙂

Full PASS gallery here!:–adam-hopewell-virginia-maternity

2013-04-08_001stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-7 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-11 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-13 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-14


2013-04-08_004stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-36 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-38

2013-04-08_003stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-40 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-43 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-44 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-46

2013-04-08_005 2013-04-08_006stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-60 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-64 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-66 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-69 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-72 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-84 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-88

2013-04-08_007 2013-04-08_008 2013-04-08_009stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-92 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-100 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-103 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-110 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-116

2013-04-08_010stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-120 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-122 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-129 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-130 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-131 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-135 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-136 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-137 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-138 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-141 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-144 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-148

2013-04-08_011stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-150 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-154 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-159

2013-04-08_012stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-166 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-167 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-169 stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-171

2013-04-08_013 2013-04-08_014stacey-adam-hopewell-maternity-184

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  1. one word: fabulous!! 🙂

    1. YOU are fab!!!!!! 🙂

      1. lol – NO…you are 🙂 heehee – it was a lot of fun – I would be happy to help anytime

  2. Stacey Burton says:

    Amanda, these are great, we LOVE them. I absolutely ADORE your work, and we had so much fun with this shoot. Thank you so much for helping us capture this time in our lives as we get ready to welcome Madelyn into this world in a couple of months. YOU are truly AMAZING at what you do!!!

    1. you just made my day Stacey!!!!!!! I LOVE your images– so much so that I went a little overboard on the image number– I can’t wait until you see how many we ended up with!!!!!!! XOOXOXOXOXOOX

  3. Nice shots! Totally screams your style, but celebrates the mother at the same time. Nice job!

    1. Thank you so much friends!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Amanda, you always amaze!! These are great!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  5. Keely Julson says:

    I love these!!! You totally rocked it even at 4:45 🙂

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