Staci + David | Nags Head Engagements

When I don’t have to write too much to explain to you how much two work together and make love look more beautiful than the average couple…they’ve given me an AMAZING set of images to work with! Some couples, they just really got it going on..they are simply kind and sweet with one another and their love looks new…like when you first fall in love and can’t stop smiling. When people are this kind of perfect together, it makes me feel even MORE grateful for what I do and that is always a feeling that’s hard to top coming from the girl who cries at SOME point during every wedding! 🙂

Staci and David are getting married next year in Nags Head and I couldn’t be more honored to work with them again and see two people SO in love tie the knot here in the beautiful Outer Banks! There is something about an Outer Banks wedding that only an Outer Banks lover and bride can understand. It’s a place where even if it rains and there’s thunder and lightening (trust me, that was MY wedding day!) it’s magical. I know they’re going to have an amazing day and their guests will love the beautiful setting Jennette’s Pier provides! 🙂

LOVE YOU TWO and I love your love..thank you for being just simply amazing!


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