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Okay, so in case some of you didn’t know…Mike’s a NERD! A huge nerd who is adorable, but totally and utterly nerdy to the core. When we found out we were having Autumn on December 17…we both knew, that was Star Wars Day and Daddy was gonna be missin’ the premiere. Of course he didn’t mind, but it was funny how many people asked him if after I gave birth he would slip out of the house and go see it. HA HA….no way Jose, lol. He DID however get to see it on a Sunday during paternity leave, lol! I told him to go for it, because I’m a super awesome wife 🙂

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But something else that’s been on my heart lately about Mike is that he has this incredible talent. Well, he has a lot but his artistic talent is something I have always admired about him. The boy can draw and sketch like no one’s business which is really cool but what’s EVEN cooler is his creative work– the concepts he comes up with on his own. He’s always been interested in story lines for video games and creating them himself (see how nerdy?! for real, I just adore it!:)) — and he’s really great with graphic design and drawing and design (his ODU major). My heart would LOVE to see Mike grab on to some side opportunities where this talent could be used. I don’t know what I’m thinking specifically, but anything from illustrating children’s books to coming up with characters for computer or video games…this man has GOT it in him and he needs to put it to use!

He bought my camera, he pushed me to chase my dream..and now I’m asking him to chase his. I know starts can be slow, I know it “may never happen” but if he doesn’t try…he won’t ever know. I guess we’re kind of asking for guidance, where would you start if you wanted to put this drawing dream to work on the side of what you’re doing now? To be able to act on your creativity and contribute artistically to books or games..we appreciate any comments, emails or advice!!! THANK YOU! 🙂


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  1. This is so awesome and I love that you are giving him that push!!!! Best of luck, Mike!! This drawing is phenomenal!!! I could definitely see you doing big things!!!!

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