Stephanie + Brent | Southampton County Anniversary

Last February in Southampton County, two lovebirds tied the knot at the Rock Church. They had a big fun bridal party and an awesome reception down the road with some of the most fun guests dancing I’ve seen in a while, I LOVED their day! Since then we have seen each other for another session at the beach but this occasion was an anniversary session..with THE coolest concept. Stephanie picked out locations starting out at their GORGEOUS home and we hopped around to places that held sentimental value to their relationship. Also, so many of the spots in the beginning were right there on their property! They have so much beautiful land with hidden gems everywhere!

Whether it was throwing my jacket down so they didn’t have to get their heineys wet to holding my breath while shooting because I was scared of snakes coming at me…I STILL LIVE for these Southampton sessions! There is no place I’ve been to before that has more variety yet and I loved every minute of it. They are such a sweet couple and always so kind to me, I adore them! Congrats on your anniversary Stephanie + Brent!!!!! 🙂

(Thank you Kirstyn for assisting..we have some hilarious behind the scenes video coming SOON!)

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