Stephanie & Brent | Southampton County Wedding Photographer

I remember Stephanie coming by my house to talk wedding with me. She was in her running errands clothes and had a determined woman on the move look like she was going to tackle this wedding & it’s to do list right to the ground. She TOTALLY pulled it off like no one I’ve ever met! She was making calls and all business even the day of her wedding. I admire her organization, her perfect little bridal binder she was referencing and the fact that she’s an incredible mom and now very happily married wife who I had the pleasure of working with!

It’s really fun to watch how couples look at each other on their wedding day. There’s always an air of excitement, omgomgomg this is our wedding day and newness to a couple’s disposition but it’s really clear that Stephanie and Brent are always content. I am really glad to know them šŸ™‚


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