Stephanie + Chris | Colonial Williamsburg Engagements

When I got Stephanie’s email not TOO long ago about her wedding, my heart literally almost burst because she remembered me from ODU and I felt SO honored!!!! Stephanie has the sweetest heart, she’s a free spirit and I’m so thankful she found Chris to love her and start this new journey with come next September..and Mike and I get to be there to help document, yay!!! 🙂

Colonial Williamsburg has always been hit or miss for me…and it was a HUGE hit this time. From the light piercing through the yellow Fall foliage in the beginning of the session to the light dancing all over those orange trees down the road in the images after that, I was just so so excited to have that golden glow I hoped for on a chilly November day with these two. I LOVE Stephanie’s adoration for Christmas and how she wore *the* perfect red dress for the second outfit, perfectly complimenting that gorgeous tree up in town! And Santa…if he’s in your engagements, you know you’ve got a heck of a Christmas ahead of you!!! 🙂 HAHA! Love you two, thank you for the unforgettable day and company! 🙂


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