Stephanie + Kyle | Corolla Engagements

In Corolla on literally THE windiest day we’ve had in so long, I got to meet Stephanie & Kyle for their engagement session and we totally braved it together! This part of the island is really narrow and the beach AND sound were both like wind tunnels whipping us around and we totally made the best of it. The lighthouse was closing when we got there so I shot that in a tiny amount of minutes, we walked around beautiful Whalehead and the bridge and then hopped over to the beach and these two kept me laughing the whole time! Stephanie and Kyle, you two are such good company and I love seeing the way you are together, what a gift to be able to be fully yourself with someone…that’s my favorite kind of love. It was such a joy to document the two of you on the sunniest Outer Banks day and we can’t wait for your wedding this summer!!!! 🙂

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