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Sometimes I feel like I’m totally alone in these motherhood things until I blog about them and receive a response. One of the most rewarding things about intentionally sharing to help others over the past four years has been the surprise of having myself helped along the way! goes, gonna post a blog…will ANYONE relate? And then the emails and messages come…”thank you for etc etc etc” and it makes me realize how important it is to share away!

Sometimes, I feel like I am yelling the same entire things over and over to the point of madness at this girls. “Stop it” “GIRLS!!” “Girls, stop it” “Listen, girls” “Cammy” “Cammy” “CAMMY” “LISTEN” “listen, listen to me” “We do NOT hit” “We do NOT do this and that and etc” — oh man, there are days where it drives me CRAZY. It drove me crazy just typing that.

The other day, I realized there is a point where this happens MOST. It’s always when I’m half present. I’m there…in the room, and kind of looking over every minute or two, but I’m trying to complete a task. It’s not always work because I prefer to have that scheduled into work hours and only do little “in between” work tasks during the day when I have the girls.. (like preblogging or thinking of blog/business ideas, answering personal emails..etc…things that are interruptible and it’s okay!)– it’s usually during laundry folding, hanging or dishes. During me trying to take care of some household chore that has been piling up and I am just DESPERATE to get it done.

When I stop (GASP….I hate stopping in the middle of a task but helloooooo welcome to motherhood!) — and I make myself present to them again, as in..go and be closer, sit down on the floor with them, etc…their attitudes?! Oh, they change. They are more willing to listen and respect my words. They are more willing to make up with one another. They are more likely to stop fighting and LISTEN. They even start to giggle and overly get along as if they are so joyous that mommy came down to the floor with them that they are totally over whatever they were fighting for.

I don’t like to stop what I’m doing if I’m on a roll. I can not stand it. But, mamas…maybe take a deep breath, take the dishwashing gloves off and stop in the middle of them and go over to the kids. Instead of yelling, STOP IT, LISTEN, GIRLS six hundred and forty three times in five minutes, go over and be present with them. I don’t have to stay an hour but giving them ten minutes of exclusive time in their company makes such a huge difference in their behavior sometimes!

I know how it feels to want to do it all! Just be there for them and take a break from all the chores 🙂 Then eat some chocolate and binge on Hulu like I do after pumping out tons of business work and home chores!

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  1. Jill says:

    You KNOW I love this because I told you on insta–this is SO SO my reality as well- the days I try to work more than ideal are the days that are hardest with my babies and the days that I sit on the floor and engage go SO MUCH BETTER! Of course, the work and chores needs to happen sometime, but I love the idea of give them a bit of time and then go back- it doesn’t have to be forever!

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