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This post is pretty specific, but it’s something I never EVER had any idea was possible during pregnancy. You read the books, you browse the phone apps, you read the weekly “here’s what’s coming!” and reflux is one of those symptoms you read but it doesn’t have anything beside it really telling you how potentially SCARY it can be!

I had horrible reflux with Cammy, and moderately with Ellie too– you know, where you burp and the acid comes up and you’re like ew gross this really sucks…but this time, because I was so USED to that previously, I didn’t realize how it was effecting me internally while I was experiencing it until I ended up in the urgent care over and over and then consequently two really scary over night hospital visits. JUST in case there is someone out there experiencing a weird amount of uncontrollable nausea in their second and third trimesters, which is when you’re less likely to have it– I want you to consider that THIS may be your issue and tell you about how we are currently fighting hard against this in the last weeks of pregnancy to hopefully avoid any more scares…I do NOT want my little girls seeing me pulled away on a stretcher again!!!!

So, April, May and June were spent with TERRIBLE and at times, debilitating nausea. During this time, I was able to have a prescription on hand from my doctor for an anti-histamine that’s safe to take during early pregnancy as they recently ruled out Zofran during the early months of pregnancy as safe to take…you have to wait until a certain month to be able to use it now.

Naturally — when week 12 and 13 hit and it wasn’t like morning, noon and night sickness around the clock- I thought YAAAAY I am in the clear! I got out of this and it’s smooth sailing from here! And, it actually WAS for a while! We had one spell of nausea that I needed an IV of fluids for in August but overall, really, I was okay.

Then — September. We found out I had low iron, okay, no problem! Take an iron supplement, that will take care of that weakness and lightheadedness. But then..the acid reflux just majorly increased and I noticed I would fall into these “spells” after eating where if I had any acid come up (like while burping) even just once, I would start to get weak with nausea. My body STOPPED being able to handle anything at ALL with any spiciness and I’m someone who LOVES buffalo sauce and spicy things! I couldn’t have it at all without getting sick…but a couple of times, it turned into MORE than just getting sick. It turned into my body completely breaking down and panicking and not being able to stop heaving at all, and the latest time this happened, I fainted and my head hit the bathroom wall. We have over $1000 in hospital bills now AFTER insurance from these overnight stays, not to mention — the experience really sucked, especially when one time I was contracting so tight while getting sick the baby’s heart rate dropped.

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What was the verdict? My acid reflux. It was apparently THAT bad..and it was causing me to go into spells that were actually that violent. So now what are we doing about it?

I’m basically taking Zantac twice a day and preventing it, in addition to not eating anything spicy and making SURE I don’t go too long without eating so that when I do eat it’s nice and spread out and not eating too much at a time pushing food back up. I also have nausea medicine I’m taking probably every other night at this point because I tend to push myself physically during the day..and then I hit a “point” every night around 6-8pm where all of a sudden my body starts to kind of shut down and be really miserable and mad at me. And, I fall asleep on my computer working ALL THE TIME. And, I am a mess..but you know what, gosh life is really about seasons and learning. I had NO idea this kind of stuff would happen to me the third time around but I am so blessed to have had easy pregnancies the first two, and the baby coming out healthy is all I care about even if I am completely tortured like I have been ahahah!

I just wanted to help any women who felt like their nausea didn’t “seem right” — it felt a little more extreme and not controllable especially after the first trimester..this could be it for you! And I can’t have an endoscopy now to check it out, so it’s something we’re kind of blindly treating in the mean time but makes the most sense!

Best wishes to those dealing with rough symptoms!!! It’s ALL worth it in the end!! OXOXOX


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  1. Beverly says:

    Amanda, I am praying hard for you. I only had a severe case of reflux just once back when I was pregnant and it was excrutiating!

  2. Lauren says:

    Sending love ( and sunshine) your way

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