Turnaround Time for Family Photographers | Photography Education

This video will talk through some of the disconnects between clients & photographers and how to FIX THEM… and offer a great solution on how to make sure you and your client are on the SAME PAGE about your image gallery turnaround time!

Bringing Back the SKY in Lightroom With Just a Couple of CLICKS!

WOW… Lightroom’s most recent update that includes the smart brushes…I can’t even!!!! This is something that would previously take people forever and now it’s available in a couple of short clicks. To me, this is a game changer because I like to edit fast… so we hope you LOVE this quick tutorial on how to…

Simplified Pricing Helps Us Book MORE and FASTER | Photography

We realized years ago that offering multiple package options for our clients wasn’t necessarily serving them well… and in fact, people were quickly getting overwhelmed trying to make a decision on what to choose. Watch the video on WHY we decided to simplify pricing and how it benefits both us AND our clients!