[YouTube Video] Ellie & Autumn Baking Biscuits | Tourette Syndrome

We filmed this when her tics are pretty mild… but they still came out during this baking session with her little sister! Ellie and Autumn are SUCH a funny pair on any given day… but give them some ingredients and a camera and they will keep you laughing for sure! ENJOY!!

Toys for TICS | Tourette Syndrome

Ellie is sharing her FAVORITE toys for when she’s having a lot of tics in this 5 1/2 minute YouTube video! We hope you enjoy! XOXO

If You Think Your Child May Have Tourette Syndrome, Do This!

*Disclaimer, I am not a medical professional… just a parent sharing the best ways to go about moving forward with finding out whether or not your child has Tourette syndrome or a tic disorder! Pediatricians and neurologists are the best possible people to help you find out what’s going on! 🙂 Just for reference…  we…

Dismantling Shame | Tourette Syndrome

You know.. this VERY time last year, it was really starting to become apparent that Ellie had to have some sort of… condition, I mean… I didn’t even know what to call it or what to think honestly but it was becoming very clear to us that she wasn’t in control of a lot of…