Teal Heels & Gold Sweater Project | 11-17 Months | Autumn Jean

Guys…I promise we love this child. I promise. She is NOT getting the frequent sweater and heels posts that her older sisters got but whew what a whirlwind having three of these little ladies to shoot for! If you are just now joining us for these posts…every single month until they are 18 months old, we shoot the girls with a sweater and heels. We are watching them literally grow alongside this outfit they will fit into one day…and it’s the SWEETEST thing! But, alas, having three kids so close in age, you kind of start to slack at some point. Poor Autumn…we love you, and we have been shooting these {almost} every month but not quite nailing it like we did with your big sisters. However…these “flip book posts” will still do a great job showing how beautifully and fast you change little girls. Autumn…we’re so proud of you and your high tolerance for the crazy that comes with the family of wild children you were born into. You are the QUEEN of free spirits in our house and we respect it girl, keep the sweetness coming!

And here we go…our Autumn Jean’s GROWTH through this sweater and heels project! She is SO FAST NOW…so Mike had to literally hold her for some of them because we can’t even keep up hahahah!










And here you go for the LATEST! I mean…there’s one month where we can’t even get her to sit still at ALL! I love you silly mermaid baby!!

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