Teal Heels & Gold Sweater Project | 18 Months & 2 Years | Autumn Jean

This girl has exploded into a total force to be reckoned with, she is SO spunky and embodies a lot of sass her older sisters have and it’s PURE entertainment! When this little girl marches up to you and points that finger in your face or tells you what’s on her mind…you listen! HAHA!

Autumn…you fit in so well. You complete us. We were given such a gift getting you as our third and final baby and we are thankful to God every single day. Speaking of God, you LOVE yelling “I LOVE JESUS!” and saying a long, drawn out “amen” at dinners 🙂 It’s beyond adorable. You boss around your sisters and it’s a gift to see you get along with them so well…but then fight them when necessary, too, LOL! I am so glad you love us the way you do…it feels like a big present every time you smile at me or hug me. And boyyyyy do you hug!

Here she is…growing before our eyes. Autumn Jean’s sweater and heels series that ends in the 18 months and 2 years!!! 🙂











I mean…there’s one month where we can’t even get her to sit still at ALL! I love you silly mermaid baby!!






Here’s 18 months…

And now TWO! Gosh girl, weren’t you just born!?! We love your weird, quirky and charming soul!


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