Teal Heels & Gold Sweater Project | 3 Years | Autumn Jean

Okay this girl is just absolutely the wildest, fastest and most AWKWARD human we know, LOL! Autumn Jean, your off the wall comments and your crazy spirit and your kind heart have changed our lives. We can’t remember a day that you haven’t made us soar with joy. You are weird..weirder than all of us, you say very inappropriate things sometimes and it looks like you quite literally bounce when you hop around the house sometimes. We love your silly little faces and even though today there was a little accident – you have potty trained like a champ! You think you are 30 years old and a big girl just like your sisters. That’s why you forced us to buy you a “8” birthday candle – because you need to be older than your oldest sister, LOL! WE LOVE YOU!















Here’s 18 months…

And two…

AND… 2 1/2….


And now…our BIG three year old!!!!!!!


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  1. Beverly says:

    Adorable little girl!

  2. Linda Barry says:

    Oh my gosh, was she really that little when you bought your house?! So sweet!!

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