Teal Heels & Gold Sweater Project | 4, 5 + 6 Months | Autumn Jean

Autumn….did I already say sorry for this in a previous post? Oh to be the third child and have little projects like this accidentally fall short on priority. We have been so busy this summer (thank you Lord we are GRATEFUL!) — but we are figuring out how to make the best of balancing business that boomed unexpectedly past where it already was and having three little ladies to take care of. Honestly, my 2016 goal is to have more time to scrapbook, journal for the girls and take real pictures of them. I don’t want to just scoot by on these projects, I want to do more. I want to capture them the way I capture other people and their moments..and I need to get on the ball now, not later, with staying on top of your posts baby girl!

WELL…you’re crawling. You’re eating oatmeal and you like the blueberry kind the most. You say MAMA and DEH-DEH-DEH now and we are sooo proud of you! You screech at your sisters when they’re being too loud and you make our world go ROUND.

AJ– keep shining girl. You are our sweet little angel kid always being SO good for us 🙂

But first..the first few months! 🙂




Anddd here we go! Growing up on us 🙁

autumn-sweater-heels-4-months-2 autumn-sweater-heels-4-months-3 autumn-sweater-heels-4-months-4 autumn-sweater-heels-4-months-5 autumn-sweater-heels-4-months-6 autumn-sweater-heels-4-months-8 autumn-sweater-heels-4-months-9 autumn-sweater-heels-4-months-10

autumn-teal-heels-sweater-gold-months-five-5-1 autumn-teal-heels-sweater-gold-months-five-5-2 autumn-teal-heels-sweater-gold-months-five-5-3 autumn-teal-heels-sweater-gold-months-five-5-4 autumn-teal-heels-sweater-gold-months-five-5-5 autumn-teal-heels-sweater-gold-months-five-5-6 autumn-teal-heels-sweater-gold-months-five-5-7

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