Teal Heels & Gold Sweater Project | 6 Years | Autumn Jean

I know there’s some rumors going around that third child is the wild child in a lot of families and that simply is…. TRUE FOR US ahhahahaahha! Autumn is HILARIOUS. Like downright hilarious. She told me she has been getting in trouble a little bit in school for talking too much and I told her that there are many entrepreneurial millionaires out there who said they were just like her in school and I just can’t even be mad at it, LOL! We are so proud of how well Autumn has adjusted to being in big girl school now and how well she’s doing in all areas. She is truly an angel and a wild woman all wrapped up in one 🙂 WE LOVE YOU AUTUMN JEAN! Happy SIXTH birthday!!! XOXO

















Here’s 18 months…

And two…

AND… 2 1/2….


Three years old…



Three and a half:

And four…on a warm beach day in the middle of winter, LOL!



And here’s FIVE…


And now… SIX! Our “baby” is six! This is WILD!:

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