Teal Heels & Gold Sweater Project | 7 – 10 Months | Autumn Jean

This season of our lives, it’s been an incredible, beautiful whirlwind but we are feeling SO backed up and behind regarding this sweet little girl and her heel and sweater project!!! The worst part is that we KNOW we can’t make these up later. I’m thankful we got three of the four months between 7 and 10 months but I didn’t want to even miss one! The good thing is, we’re keeping up with it generally and we know Autumn is just an absolute peach so she most likely won’t hold this against us some day 🙂

Girlfriend…you are perfect. Have we said that yet? Have we said it enough? You are a gem, you are my sweet little fun, quirky, adorable and easy and we LOVE you SO MUCH!!! Your sisters are laughing more at you everyday as you “chime in” with little squeaks and do funny dances and make that little face you’ve been making while you say “ooooh ooh oh” and sound like one of the aliens in Toy Story. You made THE funniest faces EVER! You have SIX teeth…two little chiclets on bottom and four on the top coming in and you’ve been so easy with teething, despite the obvious frustration of the pain. We don’t deserve you but we’re SO very grateful for you baby girl! Scroll down and watch her change over this first year!!! 🙂






ANDDD here is a summary from the past four months! We had TONS of weddings, moved to our first real HOME … so much going on but we didn’t miss this!!

autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-1 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-2 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-3 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-4 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-5  autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-7  autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-9 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-10 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-11 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-12 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-13 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-7-month-14

That was 7 months above! Here’s 9……
autumn-nine-9-month-sweater-heels-21 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-9-month-1 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-9-month-2 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-9-month-3 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-9-month-4 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-9-month-5 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-9-month-6 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-9-month-7 autumn-teal-heels-gold-sweater-9-month-8

and finally…TEN MONTHS!!!!

autumn-teal-heel-sweater-1 autumn-teal-heel-sweater-2 autumn-teal-heel-sweater-3 autumn-teal-heel-sweater-4 autumn-teal-heel-sweater-5 autumn-teal-heel-sweater-6 autumn-teal-heel-sweater-7

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