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Hello, my name is Amanda Hedgepeth and sometimes I’m a sensitive Sally. You guys, I am the LAST person who wants to be complaining! But if we’re being honest…and honesty is one of my blogging strengths, I have to express all the feelings at some point. Today..I’m a little discouraged, and I’ll tell you why.

I remember years ago hearing someone complain about one of the many photographers I looked up to. They were mentioning that the photographer was projecting themselves as “too good” for everyone because they didn’t respond to their emails seeking free photography advice. I was quiet then and empathized, but today, and for the past couple of years…I have felt VERY different about this.

Wait a’re mad because you asked a bunch of technical questions to another photographer who you have never met who is working hard and doing well and they didn’t give you what you wanted? They didn’t stop during their family or office time to make sure you were taken care of because you simply emailed them expecting them to enhance your business.. because…what, they owe you? Because it’s in your mind the right thing for someone to do, even though they have most likely invested thousands of dollars in their own education and improvement?

This is NOT just exclusive to photographers, either! I’ve heard many wedding industry vendors talk about the same thing happening in their inbox!

I write this today out of my own hurt for the people who have…here’s a harsh word…drained me of time and energy when they didn’t have the time and courtesy to write anything back, not even just thank you. I’m not alone in this, and that’s why I feel 100% confident blogging it! My BRIDES, my CLIENTS, my MENTORING/Q+A/WORKSHOP pals ALL come first! If I want to be able to answer their emails, I can’t always take the time to serve people who are sending me large lists of “help me because you should”. NOT ALL of them are like that, but unfortunately, many of them are.

If you get an automated FAQ response from me, please, know I don’t mean to be impersonal! But I can’t possibly talk about balancing life and work and babies if I am going to cut a portion of that to serve and entertain these emails.

If you’ve complained about photographers or someone in your industry not responding to you, please consider why first. Have you invested in THEM? And when people, like me, write back…did you thank them? The irony in the emails where I read “no one will respond to me/photographers are so mean here/no one wants to help me out” and then in turn I don’t receive a thank you just feels like a slap in the face and I know that’s not something I need to be giving any more attention to than I should!

So to the ones who HAVE taken the time to write back..thank them! THANK THE ONES THAT DO! 🙂

If you’ve been kind enough to show your gratitude, you are gems!! I look forward to seeing some new faces during Salt Air Mentoring Sessions this Fall and creating a lasting mentor relationship with them to watch them grow their businesses and enhance their lives! 🙂

Sensitive Sally over and out..tomorrow will be a sunnier day 🙂


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  1. Brett says:

    Another great real/true/honest post! Love it & you! You always have such good “balance your life/what really matters” advice 🙂


  2. amandaapple163769182 says:

    This is totally relevant to florals too!! But, that’s why I’m going to start ‘coffee dates’ and mentoring skype sessions — this way I can provide the best help, but also valuing my time that I could be spending with my family 🙂 Good post!! xoxo — and THANK YOU for giving me OBX advice, I didn’t realize how many people bug you about that until you mentioned it at CAH! I’m sorry!! 🙂

  3. amandaapple163769182 says:

    ….and I just realized my wordpress login name is an old one! hahah I need to change it! This is Amanda Veronee btw!! 😉

  4. erin says:

    LOOOOOOVE this!!

  5. Gina says:

    I was just stating that I was having a hard time getting emails back from photographers after asking (to pay) for mentoring sessions. Luckily I have joined an awesome group on Facebook that if I have a quick question they are a great go to! But for the more technical questions- I need to find someone close by that will do some in person mentoring sessions to help me improve! (btw- I am glad you are in NC now- but you are still like 7 hours away!) 🙁 And in case I have not told you lately- THANK YOU for all of your post- They always make my day!!! (And I am totally loving the new video blogs!)

  6. Hillary says:

    I needed this post right now. I’ve been trying to connect with other photographers in my area (big supporter of the #communityovercompetition theory right here) and I was feeling very frustrated. Thank you so much for all you contribute to our community. While I’m just an avid reader of your blog (and instagram) you demonstrate exactly how we should all be; honest, open, and kind. Thank you for being you!

    1. AWWW HILLARY!! Although that is discouraging and hard to deal with — YOU KEEP SHINING! Set the brave example that you’re not scared to support your colleagues and you are seriously awesome just being YOU!!! Thank you for the love!! I appreciate you!!! *I* got your back!!! 🙂

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