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A couple of days ago, I added it up and hit checkout. Here’s what it said:

Subtotal $190.20
Shipping Cost $16.95
Shipping Discount – $16.95
Sales Tax $0.00
Order Total $190.20

I really wanted this. I wanted it because it’s fun. It’s SO us. It makes us happy. We wanted to do it and talked about it and I waited until the sale. Gosh it would make a cute picture on Instagram and in our family albums. 

And after the sale…we were still looking at $190.20 for something we truly didn’t need but gosh…WE WANTED! We wanted but with our accident and starting Dave, we are so intentional about our purchases now. So…I x’d out the window. You heard me. I actually said no, fought my immature instinct to just dive in when I had a feeling it wasn’t the wisest thing for our family.

How hard is that? Nowadays…it seems for many of us to be pretty tough. I want to be so FUN and spontaneous and so free. For a minute, I felt like I wasn’t FREE because I said no to something that would be fun and something that I really wanted. Then? I heard Dave in my ear again. Oh Lord do I love that man’s voice. A voice of hope, strength, wisdom and reason. FREEDOM IS NOT BUYING EVERYTHING YOU WANT when you have debt..freedom is getting RID of your debt and then building savings, wealth and THEN truly and freely being able to make these purchases without that gut feeling that made me X out. In three months, I would have wanted that $190 for our Dominion power bill. Or for groceries. Or for our Disney trip we want SO badly to give the deserving daughters of ours who lost theirs thanks to the stupid car accident. This would cover one of those hotel room nights at Disney at the resort we want to be at! NIGHT AT DISNEY or new set of MATCHING FAMILY PAJAMAS…

A night at Disney, Amanda. And some people are ballin’ and don’t have to make those kind of choices…they can have both! But we’re just not. This is NOT a guilt PSA, people – not in the slightest. This is encouragement to the people who are finding themselves constantly spending when not in a position to be doing so. We have two car payments, a mortgage and we have medical debt now because no…we still don’t a settlement yet. We have no business spending extra on something like this at the moment, so we won’t.

But this made me grateful for how poor I was in college. Saltines, Slimfast, bread loaf, tuna cans (not the Albacore, either, lol) and hot sauce on that tuna. YIKES. Sometimes I went all out and got popsicles. No car for four years, lots of bike riding. Lots of HRT busses. Lots of picking up that change off the ground next to the Dunkin Donuts drive thru and McDonald’s, too.

I was so resentful then because I wanted the security my friends had. They were healthier. They were happier. They were taken care of. But you know what? The reason I’m able to X out of a screen and NOT buy-the-thing-I-want-so-badly is because I know contentment and survival on a level so many people can’t grasp. They think they’re roughing it when they don’t hit up Target for a couple weeks…and I’m SO thankful we don’t yet have a Target here on the Outer Banks…love having it feel like kind of a treat when we travel versus it being a weekly thing.

Tough times truly do shape you. I never thought ten years ago I would be telling you how grateful I am that I was poor and lived through so much hell to understand a killer work ethic but I am TRULY grateful to understand what contentment is. Contentment comes down to, a lot of time, security. The next time you go to make a truly unnecessary purchase when you’re in a state of trying to give rid of your credit cards or some debt you’ve incurred…can you wait until you have budgeted enough to earn it as a gift instead? Can you wait?

Here are the SAME pj’s we wore last year, except for the size upgrade for Cammy and then we just passed down the two sets to Ellie and Autumn. That’s it! Next year…we’ll be matching in a new set I’m sure but for this year…I think this is ridiculously cute and I LOVE US 🙂


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  1. Katie Lackey says:

    Your family is absolutely precious! (P.S. I thought those were new pajamas) Thank you for another great helpful and motivational blog! Merry Christmas!!

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