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Finding her was a life changing experience for me as a business owner and photographer 5 years ago. Through Katelyn James, my wedding photographer, mentor and colleague – I was introduced to this bright light of knowledge and cool new wave of energy mixed with heart warming self-deprecation and killer fashion, Jasmine Star. I am SO far from cool enough to understand the vibes of those Californians (as close as I get is the Hills and all things Lauren Conrad, haha!) — but I instantly connected with her.

What she may or may not realize is that by her providing such accessible ways to learn and be entertained by her inviting personality via YouTube, Creative Live, etc..she has been a part of people’s lives and successes and memories for years now in their most intimate setting, their homes. My now three year old would sit on my lap as a newborn and go through the videos with me. I REMEMBER having little revelations and epiphanies as a new and overwhelmed mama..and thanks to Jasmine sharing the love via the internet, I felt less alone and like I was “out of the game” because of having this new title in my life that made it harder for me to up and leave at any given time for my photography education.

I GOT her, and I think the first connection was her self-deprecation, something I revel in because it is guaranteed to keep a conversation comfortable and entertaining, and clients love it! And whatever clients love, I love! There is something undeniably charming about a girl who is able to call herself out on the weird quirks and make fun of herself 🙂 I think my husband LOVES that about me!

The second was the energy. The way she can stay cool but with SUCH energy. While shooting, while on YouTube videos, while on Creative Live. SO quick with such little time between thoughts and it’s more than impressive, it’s incredibly motivating to me to become quicker on the draw with all things business from shooting to teaching! I’m quick, busy beach town waitress quick..but that girl..she is REALLY fast! 🙂

The third was the inspirational courage and honesty about her feelings and her experiences. Most of my friends know I’ve been through my share of life experiences and stress. Personal demons and family’s all been there in my life and the smartest way that I coped with it was by putting it out there because as a human, it connected me to those who appreciated the honesty and those who had been through similar. Writing about it..for others to read, the scariest thing you can do, saved me. One of the absolute biggest lessons from her I learned was that it’s also possible that I’m not who was a year ago. I had actually changed SO much that I hardly recognize myself from 1-2 years ago..not to say people change so much that they aren’t the same person entirely but how unbelievably different I feel from the experiences that have come and gone is almost too much to ever be able to put into writing and justify it…but I feel it. I am different. I react differently, I feel things differently. I talk to people I never thought I would, and I love the lack of drama I feel from just deciding to see the best in people and situations. I’m a little broken, yes, but we all are to some extent. I’ve lived, I’ve learned, I’ve survived. I’m kinder and I think before I speak. I’m choosing to live the rest of my days fearless and brave, kind but aware, smart but always desiring to keep learning more and growing as a creative.

As a photographer, I want to grow..creatively. I want to be faster and I want to finalize figuring out that sweet spot and balance with two little girls in the house. I want to soar, I want to achieve one BIG goal that’s been on my list lately…and dare I say it out loud? Maybe this one I’ll keep to myself…except Mike. He knows 🙂

Jasmine has from a distance been such an influential person to so many of us. There is no doubt that she has inspired THOUSANDS of people with her determination to build community and share within the industry and the way she begs for us all to DREAM OUT LOUD and fight our fears. Attending her workshop this summer was one of the biggest life changers for me and you know what — I hope she decides to take a little Outer Banks vacation some day and see this tiny, run down beautiful salt air mess of a place that I live in and how she’s pushing one girl to change the industry for the BEST for all of us 🙂



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