The Biggest & Weirdest Behind The Scenes YET | Bye 2017!

I’m not quite sure how I got to be so special. I’m not quite sure I’ve ever met someone else (well, actually my friend Sharon Hundley comes to mind for some reason, hahaha) who makes faces like this, flares nostrils, can’t really get it together sometimes in a way that is just purely entertaining…HAHA! What the heck is this behind the scenes I’m about to show you?! What is life? We are a MESS! But you know what? We hustle. We run. We shoots thousands of pictures on wedding days, we problem solve things behind the scenes so our couples don’t have to stress and we do our best to be there for them in so many ways because we love those people with all our hearts. They deserve the best…and we try to give that to them as best we can even on the absolute craziest days!

So here we go – from sessions where I took the kids & Mike to the beach to lots of wedding moments with ceremony and reception test shots…a peek into our crazy life as photographers for cheerful, inspiring, smart and hard working couples we adore. ENJOY! And laugh, at our expense HAHA!

Our first wedding back from the car accident, Cat and Ryan were SO sweet and kind and made it sooooo easy to return to work! Love this of Mike getting her dress hung up 🙂 

My face was still severely broken in three places while shooting this. I felt so brave and SO happy to be back and capable of doing what I love most!!!!! 

See? I’m still GREAT at blocking Mike’s shots 🙂 HAHA! 

Back to being bossy in no time hahaha! 

YEAH…so this is beyond hilarious. What are the chances we’re on this gorgeous island (Anguilla) shooting and Mike’s trying to get a behind the scenes of me and a man is flying in the background with a water jetpack. WHAT IS LIFE?! HAHAHA! 

LOVE that grey coming in Mike…WHEW baby! 🙂 

THESE ARE HILARIOUS…this is what happens when I agree to pass my camera to a slightly intoxicated groomsman. And I let him take pictures twice…HAHAHA! 

Could give you space to dance but mostly will not 🙂 I am getting in there! 

Mike climbing in barns to hang dresses…


LOVE DeVries Productions!!!! 

One of the sweatiest wedding days ever and I had the best time anyway because our couple was SO golden! 

Mallory our sweet intern who I adore!!!!!!

Cammy came to “assist” me with a family shoot in Hatteras and we found $10 in the car we used on pizza in Buxton. That was one of the best days of my life. 

Cammy saved her money to get a digital camera and helped with some of Wayne & Jackie’s family session in Hatteras! 🙂 

And the whole family came 🙂 … 

Mike looks happy and calm but that’s our panic smile about dappled light…HAHA!

THESE TWO ARE THE BEST!!!! Joshua Bryan Cinema & Erika Lynn Photography

I just wanted to be SO close to Mary Claire, I was giving her no space at all hahaha! 

See? Mike and I tried to steal her. We put her in the mini-van. Almost got away with it 🙂 

I feel like every man in the world wants a girl like this but Mike’s the lucky winner? HAHAHA

An example of how quickly I become impatient within seconds of testing the light…HA

Can not come up with a caption that isn’t straight rude of Mike looking perplexed by the ocean ahahahahahahhaahahah 

I come right at Niki and David with such intensity and it’s because I love them TOO MUCH LOL

Stop laughing and get back to work MIKEY

The incredible shrinking Mike. FORTY POUNDS DOWN since July! 

Sometimes I feel like my beauty radiates so hard it intimidates everyone who comes in contact with it, like this moment…right here HAHA

It’s just ridiculous. Me. I am ridiculous. 

Wedding days can go so quickly that sometimes it feels like a luxury to stop and do this! You go Benny!!! HAHA! 

What’s wrong cupcake?

Literally one of my favorite vendors of all time. Benny with Reel Love Productions.

We don’t just tie shoes for our little girls…brides get the gold treatment too! HAHA! 



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