The Daniel Family | Virginia Beach Portrait Photographer

Austin, Erin, Jayden, Joscelyn and Jovie have my HEART! I love them. Instant warm and fuzziness being around them. Not only are they all GORGEOUS, but they are the kind of family you grow up wanting to have some day. The whole time we shot, I thought to myself- okay yeah, Amanda you’re going to need at LEAST three kids 🙂

Erin and I met when she was doing a brilliant job on my bride Echo’s hair & makeup. Her talent is undeniable and she can make ANY girl feel GORGEOUS! I love her personality, she’s the kind of up front honest & candid that I see in myself and that kind of genuine is hard to find! Really putting yourself out there and always being spastic with happiness, this is us! Her family is the same. Those babies are a perfect reflection of the fun, loving quirkiness her and her husband share. I LOVE them seriously! They were so good to me. Thanks for being an inspiration to me, Daniel family 😀

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  1. WOW!!!! I love this family and you did a fantastic job capturing them in still frame! <3

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