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Just barely three weeks ago, Mike and I started experiencing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. What a game changer. Please take time to watch my video if you feel like you need to hear a little more about why we did it and why it could change your life, but I’m here to tell you three weeks later…it’s already MASSIVELY changed our lives. We know what our debt looks like in detail instead of avoiding and not wanting to know the balances and we’ve grown up ten told while remaining our fun-loving selves…just a way better more informed version.

We used to pick up pizza at least every other week. And in between, we may get a carry out dinner once a week. And then, of course, bagels and coffee twice on the weekends because we deserve it and yep…when I hear Dave talk about it now, that’s a pretty immature excuse to use at 32 years old over and over while not paying attention to how it adds up.
I’m giving you a mini-update on what this has done for us already:

1) We’ve paid off a credit card!! ALREADY! IN THREE WEEKS! Now, if you know how Dave works, you create a debt snowball you’re working with meaning the smallest debt gets paid first and the largest comes last. But still, it’s gone! One down, a few more to go!

2) We have LOST WEIGHT. I’m not kidding. Both of us. We’ve lost weight!!! HAHA! That’s crazy but true! I’m cooking more this year already as it is because that was a big goal of mine, which I have LOVED doing, but before we started with Financial Peace I was still ordering carryout at least once a week. Probably twice though. We have only picked up bagels for breakfast one time and been to Front Porch Cafe twice in this entire month of July. We set a budget of $40 on coffee and carryout for ourselves and here we are, the 24th of the month and we’ve got $17 left for that. No wonder we have been shedding some pounds, haha!

3) We’ve saved over $600 in the food category alone. Friends, by sticking to the very deliberate grocery list made of items we will cook with and not waste and by not going out to eat…we have put $600 back in our pockets. We know exactly where our money goes. We have an agreement to not buy anything out of the budget unless discussing first and we haven’t! I took Cammy to a session in Hatteras and we used a $10 bill in my camera bag at a pizza place and had enough money for slices of pizza with tip…that was the only thing we did “off” the budget but it didn’t effect us because it was a spare $10 I carry just in case I need to grab something.

The ironic thing about feedback on this process is that people who aren’t interested in doing the course but admit to struggling with massive debt mention “not wanting to feel restricted” with a budget….when a budget is what gives you freedom. You can still do whatever you want to do as long as you’re making reasonable and wise decisions! Just because the Hedgepeths aren’t spending more than $40 a month (and probably less than that this month, lol!) on carryout/coffee items doesn’t mean that has to be your story. But paying these credit cards off, losing weight and saving $600? Sounds SO good to me. We’re going to work our butts off and keep the updates coming so we can help inspire others who need it to go on this journey, too!





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  1. Elisabeth Davis says:

    Love this! Seems like a good plan! I’ve got student loans & credit card bills out the wazooooo!

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