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A couple of weeks ago, I heard a life changing podcast. Who in the house is a Shonda Rhimes fan?! That woman is a powerhouse, an incredible force, or as she says in her Ted Talk…she’s a titan.

I feel like so many of us are titans in our own way, in our destined elements. When I’m rocking a wedding against the odds, I’m a photography titan. When I’m using my foot to shut the fridge while turning the sink on to rinse something with one hand and nursing the baby at the same time, I’m a mommy titan. We have these things that we can fall into a deep groove with and that’s where Shonda begins to describe the hum.

If you’re passionate about something…your career, your education, your creative business, being a friend, being a parent, anything really…WATCH this Ted Talk! We all get into a hum that drives us to work so smoothly in when we’re doing something we love and have been called to do. But like Shonda says, “what do you do when the thing you do starts to taste like dust?”

Was the answer love all along? What’s the opposite of work and how is it killing us and our creative spirits to be lacking what our real hum needs? It’s her toddler that breaks the ice and asks her one very, very simple question that changes it all for her. This is the best Ted Talk I’ve ever heard and I can’t ever listen to it without crying because I get it.

ENJOY!!!! 🙂

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