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Who we were turning into? A couple that argues THIS much over teeny tiny little things that keep adding up and feeling so big. So much bigger than us. We were slipping into becoming a couple I didn’t recognize anymore and I felt something I never wanted to feel toward my best friend and husband…resentful.

Another late fee.
Another overdraft fee.
He didn’t remember to take the trash out again.
Now I’ve gotten a ticket for an expired car registration.
The water just got shut off because he thought I paid and I thought he paid.
We’re packing to head out of town and forgot three things that will cost us $30 to replace and now we’re going to unnecessarily have double of those items.
We’re scrambling to get out of the house and the diaper bag is missing wipes.
We forgot to bring the most basic things when having our baby in the hospital.

SO MANY LIFE LESSONS. Lessons I wish were taught in school, or somewhere before they hit us so hard. Instead… we’re taking a lot of stress and misfortune in the world of “adulting” and giving YOU a head start with our life lists that have changed it all for us! Three years ago, we changed our entire life by packing it all up and moving to this ISLAND. We wanted to have more peace, rest, freedom and truly embrace the inspirational notion is ISLAND TIME. We know it can’t be like that 24/7, but we want this for you as MUCH as possible!

We have sixteen lists available in one big collection or in three separate bundles as well via topic (New Mom, Lifeflow and Travel)… and a few of them are even for sale individually! Head over to the FIVE WAVES SHOP to see if any of these could make your life easier while you take what we’ve got going on, apply what works for you, take out what doesn’t and add on whatever you need to make it your own!



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