The Karim Girls | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

Fun fun fun ridiculous amounts of fun. Makes me wanna go home and demand Michael give me two more girls fun, HA! I love little girls because they are full of so much energy and life- and then they totally crack you up with sass and charm. Aubrey, Alexis and Anya made the BEST out of a dark skied scary stormy beach shoot and I couldn’t have asked for sweeter kids. Their mama obviously is an amazing influence on them because they’re all as adorable and kind as can be. Becca, you’re my role model! Keep up the good work! 🙂





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  1. MeganOBX says:

    These girls are adorable!! I love the last shot of them!! Very fun session, it shows!! 😀

  2. Elisabeth says:

    ADORABLE! Looks so fun!

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