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Life is absolutely like swimming in the ocean. It’s still sometimes. So still that you can think so clearly, you can dream, you’re level-headed and you’re really able to keep up with the tides. Then it gets a little choppier, but you kind of hang on and adjust because you know it’ll be still again someday. Unexpectedly, sometimes life will throw you a hurricane. We can never really tell what kind of damage that will bring on, we can only guess and some people don’t make it out alive from them. The ones that do are either really lucky or really, really shaken up after the fact.

I love this analogy because clearly, I love the sea, but I love how it makes such perfect sense in regards to our daily lives. Our GRINDS we get into, our lack of grind and newfound chaos in those choppy or hurricane times. With three girls, I imagine a steady day with regular-sized breaking waves because those represent the wild energy, meltdowns, high pitched happy moments and spills and tumbles in our household daily. Sometimes I get pulled under when I’m not alert but I know I can easier swim back up with a little determination.

One thing that holds true for this family, however, is that if our home, car, lives are covered in stuff…we are already starting to drown. We are also being taken under because we can’t seem to sift through any of it fast enough and it begins to multiply seemingly out of nowhere. It’s hard enough to do laundry as a family of five, so how many clothes do we actually need?

I had already begun a simpler life when we moved here almost three years ago. I mean, I had to! We had to pack up our life into a Uhaul and peace out of Virginia Beach in one trip. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we knew it was the best decision we would be making for this family thus far and we were right. It meant though that I would have to let go of some tangible things that once tricked me into feeling like I had more value. You see, not everyone rolls this way, but when I lived there I truly felt like I had to keep up with others. I know now as a grown woman that it’s not because of where I lived or the people, it was because of my maturity, or lack thereof. I was so different when I lived there but I was younger…not by much age wise but by way more emotionally. It definitely took a move to this magical island to remind me that I am so much more than things in a home, more than decorations, more than this unachievable perfection I will never measure up to.

So guys…the number one secret to what changed my business and family is owning less stuff. It’s so simple, but it’s so complicated. It’s SO hard to toss out or donate things you think you may wear or want later, but there is a very magical book that helped me through this recently! The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo shook our world in the BEST way! I truly thought I was already “simple life’n it up” but guess what..I got rid of TONS of things after this and now I know every-single-thing we own and where it is!!! WHAT A GIFT FOR A MOM! What a gift for a busy business owner. We already have so much to worry about when it comes to appointments, kid schedules, business items, email and office time, and so on…why worry about tangible things in your home constantly on top of it? Let’s stop DROWNING in STUFF! Do you think you know someone who needs this book? Or is it you? If you head over to our Instagram, we’re giving away this hardcover book today with a couple of prints from our Five Waves Shop — and all you have to do is tag three friends!

If you are in a constant state of frustration and wondering how things accumulate in your home…it’s time to do this. I know watching stuff leave can be scary. There’s SO much “what if” but it does not compare to the freedom in less. People attach sentimental value on to so many things but this book helps you walk through what stays and what goes SO well! There were things I was holding on to I thought I had sentimental attachment to but it was more just fear of “what if I need this some day?” and I realized most of it, I didn’t!!

I had SUCH a fan girl moment when she shared the image below on her Instagram! Marie has sold FOUR MILLION COPIES of this book for a reason, guys! Give it a try, it’s worth it! And don’t forget to head to our Instagram for your chance to win it for yourself or a friend! 🙂

“Does it spark joy?” This quote goes with us further than just for stuff now. We ask this when it comes to so much more, we are so thankful for Marie’s wisdom and inspiration!

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  1. Linda Barry says:

    I read this too and implemented it for all of my belongings and it’s amazing how much more at peace I feel in our house. I was constantly in a state of frustration because it felt like there was always just piles of random things everywhere! I grew up in a house where there was always clutter because we couldn’t let go of things, and it never bothered me (I loved my childhood!) until I got older and realized how much stress it causes me to have so much stuff everywhere in my own home! Steven and I have always been the type to live a simple life without all the extra fluff, but I remember finding things that I’ve had since 2008. What the heck?! Bags and bags of stuff went into the trash bins, and that was just MY stuff! Steven really wants to do it too, but hasn’t read the book yet and has a hard time doing all that stuff in one go, and I think it’s important to respect that like it says in the book. But you know what? He’s totally respected me in the fact that I want our house to be downsized even more and to focus on having ONE place for things! Now when our house gets a little messy I am way less overwhelmed by it because I know everything has a place now and it’ll take two seconds to clean it up!! I bought her second book, Spark Joy, and I’m so psyched to work through it these next couple of months!!

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