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Hi pals! Short and sweet post today, coming straight from the heart and from the experience of a girl who’s picked up their camera to read the very, very dreaded CARD ERROR message.

Yes, it happened a few years ago. I was shocked. I was numb and scared and just so terribly upset. What did I do wrong? The card I used wasn’t messed up prior and wasn’t old! A 16gb, high speed, great company I love to buy from (and still do!) – but, card error. As in…holy moly are there ANY IMAGES on this card after that entire workshop shoot?

Thankfully I was able to recover most of the images as “TIFF” files but it was like editing JPEGS…not good. Side note, are you still shooting in JPEG? People are scared to go to RAW but wait…did you know that shooting in JPEG makes the assumption that you DON’T need to edit much because you are nailing it in camera perfectly? Yes! Don’t do that anymore, friends! Shooting in RAW files allows you MORE room to edit the way you need to. On the Mark III, we shoot in “SRAW” which are small raw files, still PLENTY big to edit as needed! To recover, we used and you can read about that experience here!

How could I have avoided this fiasco? It’s simple. I purchased a Mark III because I’m a Canon girl and it was just raved about so much for the ISO capabilities in very low light situations and it’s 61 point focal point system to ensure being more likely to get that tack sharp image you want. But there’s another reason this camera ROCKS… the second memory card slot. Hello, that is an INSURANCE policy! You can double write your images, talk about amazing…you can write every image you take twice and that way if one card doesn’t work, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have another card writing at the same time as a back up! So, why aren’t SO many people using that!?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, throw them in two and utilize this feature! Some people are concerned it slows the camera down and it really does not do that for me and I’m a VERY fast shooter!  Here’s what we typically use:

In the compact flash drive slot (the bigger one) – we use a 32GB or 16GB and set that card slot for SRAW files. During weddings I’ll change this card out 3 or 4 times depending on how much we shoot. During sessions, I don’t change it at all typically because a 16GB on SRAW files shoots about 900 images and we don’t go over 700-800 for a session.

In the memory card slot (the smaller one) – we use a 32GB and set it to write JPEG files. This means it can hold about 4000 or so images and so on a wedding day, we never change this backup memory card at all!

So why not write on both cards? This is the beauty of having a Mark III, my favorite Canon body to date! Make sure that you have BOTH cards in your camera body before shooting or your camera will just write on whichever one is in there, which means if you’re missing that compact flash drive set to RAW images, you’ll only be shooting JPEGS on the memory card the whole time! DOUBLE CHECK, add that to your pre-session or pre-wedding workflow checklist!

I’m heading off to shoot a vow renewal on the Outer Banks today and then scoot up to Norfolk to board an airplane bright and early to surprise Cammy with a BIG TRIP to celebrate her being a Kindergartener this year…y’all have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! 🙂



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