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This girl is a HOOT! And if we were speaking astronomically, she’s be a TOTAL solar flare! This girl is sunshine and fire all in the same little blonde haired blue eyed package. I love her and can’t believe how much we’re alike, kind of a scary situation for poor Mikey, lol!’re so smart. She is OBSESSED with the Solar System! It’s so adorable! Who’s heard me talk about the time six months before we moved to the Outer Banks how she looked up at the night sky and said she never saw enough stars where we lived? here in Kitty Hawk, on those clear nights..she’s in heaven. She and Mike go to the beach together and take in ALL the planets and stars and use his phone app to talk about what they’re seeing and all the fun facts about it! It’s TRULY amazing! 🙂

Without further adieu…here is the Solar System lover herself! 🙂

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