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I can’t believe this is happening!!! The Today Show and I are becoming bff’s and quickly! A couple months ago, my groom David was featured on AIR to millions of viewers because of his reaction as his bride Josie walked down the aisle. Yesterday, on my 30th birthday..I found out the FRONT PAGE OF THE TODAY SHOW WEBSITE had John and Jean’s wedding planted right there between Joan Rivers and Carrie Underwood. I just saw my work..right between these two huge stories!! What a birthday gift!! And you know what’s even BETTER?

John and Jean. They took the time to be interviewed by the Today Show. You HAVE to read their story on the article because it’s amazing! They’re SO in love! My guys just can’t even understand, they all have something so different about them. They are lovers and best friends and they are a team. All of them. John and Jean are no exception and reading their story that I already knew about all over again made me melt! They’re so humble, so gracious, and I can’t help but wonder what their parents are thinking right now…I bet they are so proud of them. I loved their parents, too! AMAZING wedding day!

Thank you Today Show for making this little lady’s day yet again! And you’re sooo good for doing that on my birthday 🙂



And their Facebook share!! 🙂


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