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This little gem was stumbled up by complete accident earlier this week by yours truly in the POURING rain. The truth is, I actually had another farmer’s market in my GPS and when people kept slamming on their brakes on bypass I decided to ride from my house at Mile Post 4 in Kitty Hawk down toward Nags Head until I could just turn right and find my way back to Croatan Highway and get there faster.

I pulled into a familiar location..Austin’s Seafood Market or Fish Company, and parked the car to try to figure out where I was in regards to this other place. Then I look over and there’s a little “Vegetable Bin” right behind me in the parking lot! Like a brilliant person, I wore a long skirt (on a rainy day..BAD idea) and tripped all over myself with the babies getting them in but it was the perfect little shelter to get some produce from and stay dry for a minute in! I was instantly greeted (and maybe even pitied for how much of a mess I was) by two gentlemen running the stand. They offered help and were just so kind to me! They didn’t freak out when Cammy touched ALL the fruit either, hahah!

I got what I needed and took it home and just loved the tiny little shelter of a produce stand that I didn’t even venture out to find the other one that was originally in my GPS..which I may LOVE and will go to some day! Sometimes you don’t need a lot…and I’ve really liked having less extensive choices since moving here. Yes, the Harris Teeter section of fruit and veggies is far bigger and there’s an option to grab Starbucks while you’re there but there’s nothing like getting this homegrown local goodness back to your home and enjoying it together!

Seriously, little things like this– maybe stopping at a local coffee shop on your way back, and then hitting up Island Bookstore for a good Outer Banks book to read in your hammock. Nothing like it 🙂

Located HERE right in the parking lot of Austin’s Fish Company which will most likely get it’s own blog post, too eventually! 🙂

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  1. Deborah says:

    We need to pick up some produce on the way down tomorrow. May have to hit this one up as well. It looks great!

  2. Sarah says:

    There’s nothing like fresh fruits and veggies without the hassle of a food store! I need little markets like this in my life!

  3. Joana Burke says:

    Can I request/order about 4 dozen Squash Blossoms for the week of 09/02-09/09. Shop at Austins every year for fish, it would be great for a one stop shop!

    1. Joana thank you for your post! This isn’t their website, we just did a blog post about them a couple of years ago! You could call Austin’s at 252.441.7412 to speak to them if you’d like to! Happy vacation to you! 🙂

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