Third Baby Final Thoughts, Worries + Hopes | New Mom Series

This isn’t my first rodeo, we all know that by now if you’ve seen my blog, Instagram, “about me” on my website. My life revolves around these girls and always has…and when we just had Cammy, it was like the entire world revolved around her and her needs exclusively for us. We were SO worried she would have a hard time with the new baby, we knew she would be gentle and love her but we didn’t know if it would be hard for her to come to terms with the new lack of attention because she got it ALL for so long!

We lucked out. It wasn’t always easy, but it was a breeze compared to what we prepared for. The hardest part of 1 baby to to 2 babies spaced 2 years and 2 months apart was that Cammy was potty training at the time and there is no pretty way to nurse a newborn baby and clean up a toddler’s accident. That, my friends, that was the ultimate test of patience and survival for me at the time hahaha. It was hard but I made it through! And Cammy did great, she really did. A couple months of accidents and hard times with getting both “tasks” down exclusively on the toilet, but the day we moved to the Outer Banks she never had one accident again! It-was-AWESOME.

I’ve been really positive about the transition of 2 to 3. One person so far told me it was super hard for them, but THANKFULLY the rest have been so positive and said the opposite, they said 1 to 2 babies was harder for them. I think you TRULY get into unbreakable grooves sometimes with two kids after a while that you learn how to QUICKLY feed, change, maintain and entertain them in a way that buys you a lot of time..and I hope to keep that up during the new baby’s transition here into our life and home.

But, my worries are the same as before. Ellie. Will she love her? Ellie is THE SWEETEST and most loving child ever, but will she love Autumn? Will she understand her!? Will she know how much we freaking adore her to the moon and back still? I hope so. I’m a mom that puts a LOT of energy into making sure her girls feel loved, respected, taken care of..and I wasn’t always like that, it kind of came along with being a happier and better human being in general as we made the transition here to the Outer Banks last year. And, as we found our way back to God…that helped a ton, too. How crazy to look at yourself in the mirror and see another person altogether?! My heart has changed for the better and I hope my girls are knowing and feeling that, too. I hope Autumn feels that, I hope all THREE of these girls love one another deeply and get along as well as possible being so close in age!

Cammy will want to hold and mama the heck out of Autumn, this I know. She talks to her ALL this time, which sounds so corny and cliche and like something I “tell her to do”………but I don’t. It’s amazing, she just wants her to know her and gets her face down there on my belly and tells Autumn how pretty she is, how sweet she is, how she’s going to hold her, etc. Ellie holds my belly all the time and says “da bebeeeeey” but I don’t think she knows a human is actually coming out of there, LOL!!! She is trying SO hard to say Autumn and is saying “Ah-mummm” which is good for her!

Please God, let them love one another. Sisters are such a gift and having them so close together is especially amazing. I hope they are happy, healthy and kind to one another. I can’t wait to raise another little mermaid in this house! 🙂

You’ll be here so soon, Autumn Jean. Welcome to a crazy house that’s full of SO much unconditional, lots of kisses and big big hugs and sister squeezing kind of love 🙂


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  1. Beverly says:

    I think the new little one will take after her mother:)

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