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If this is coming from a pregnant woman who prefers to Netflix binge and eat everything in sight (bye six years of vegetarianism, hello Slim Jims!) — it’s WORTH a read and to hear me out! I never thought for one second that in the middle of my third pregnancy, I would say you know’s time to start working out. What???! Isn’t this the only time I truly have an excuse to be as physically lazy as possible? No way sister..something clicked in me and I will tell you exactly what prompted me to get GOING and moving again…after almost six years of not working out or belonging to a gym!

I am one of those people who gets SEVERE…..severe, severe debilitating first trimester morning sickness. I mean like sometimes I’m so sick I can’t stand, I can’t eat anything, even ice. I get sick over and over all the time and the only thing that got me through this time was having that antihistamine that was safe to take but think about it..that’s like taking Benedryl all day just so I don’t feel too sick to function when you’re already BEYOND exhausted in the first trimester. It was rough. Did I mention I had five weddings that month? I LIVED!!! Hip hip hooray!

But living that out for a solid 5-6 weeks straight made me super depressed, anxious and feeling useless. I could hardly see a screen to type or edit, I was so behind, everything was a mess. I just got tired of being home all the time during the day just trying to quite literally physically survive the pain of the nausea, so when the second trimester hit!? And I could stand and eat again!??? I felt like a NEW woman! I was motivated and like many in the second trimester I started back on a normal routine again…except I wanted to do more than just get by shooting, cleaning the house, doing regular mom tasks. I wanted to do something to feel better. Not like cross off to do list feel better, but physically and emotionally feel better about myself..and all of a sudden it hit me..I COULD attempt something I hadn’t done in *years* — I could start to work out again.

We looked around and only ONE thing here in the Outer Banks had so much to offer that there was no comparing, it was our ONLY option! Here are three reasons below we absolutely, positively LOVE our YMCA, especially as a family option!! 🙂

1. DAYCARE — and I can’t say it enough! I know there are a lot of big gyms in bigger cities now offering childcare but I LOVE the YMCA’s daycare option! What a HUGE relief it was to see that there was a place where I could drop the kids off to play for 30 minutes-1 hour (but they allow up to 2 hours at a time during their scheduled hours, for us, it’s these listed hours!). The people in there are so nice and they have been so understanding and patient with the girls…especially Ellie as she transitioned from crying the first two weeks to finally adjusting slowly by gripping on to her sister at first, to now WALKING IN on her own and being okay with it! It’s AMAZING! If you have a baby with separation anxiety, this is totally worth the trial of learning to get them to be comfortable and get used to this fun and playful environment away from you for small periods at a time! I am telling you guys, I NEVER thought Ellie would stop crying and now she walks in on her own!? That says a WHOLE lot!!!! Trust me, I’m a sensitive and emotional mama and I got through it! They also offer Parents Morning Out and Parents Night Out occasionally, too!

daycare YMCA

2. FEELING BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF, PRICELESS — ladies we are wiping butts all day, we’re cooking and prepping meals all day, washing everyone’s clothes and then folding everyone’s clothes on top of loading the dishwasher, unloading it and loading it again…like this NEVER ends or slows down and I found myself just being stuck in this “housewifey” routine of only taking care of a home and never of myself! I want to feel GOOD and get some exercise in even if it starts small, and I have gone from 15-20 minutes walking on the treadmill to 15 minutes walking on the treadmill, 10-15 at a decent pace sweating on the elliptical (please continue to keep in mind I’m officially in my THIRD trimester of pregnancy without pre-workout history so this sounds like nothing to some of you but oh, sister, it’s something alright!!) and working on my arms on a machine now, too! Also? Remember..there’s daycare so you get to SHOWER…like…uninterrupted!! I don’t use it often but if you’re only working out for around an hour, you still have an hour until you have to pick the kids up out of daycare! You could even swim for 20-30 minutes, too or take a class and STILL have time to shower! Come on girls that is priceless!!!! My dry shampoo wearing pals, you get it right!?


3. THE CLASSES, FACILITIES, HAVING OPTIONS AND EMBRACING NEW BEGINNINGS — I love that there is a pool there. There’s an awesome outdoor one complete with cool kids area, and a big slide and large lounge area, and there’s an indoor one. There are several different workout rooms for group classes, a big gym, a great sized wellness center with the machines and equipment and the locker rooms are a nice size, too! But I NEVER saw myself taking a group class, ever, and here I am doing restorative yoga and additionally trying two more classes next week …. big old third trimester ME! I am so in love with yoga class it’s ridiculous. The teacher is phenomenal, patient, kind and helpful. Some of you won’t believe it but I have anxiety in groups especially when I have no idea what the heck is going on (like when yoga was a BRAND new thing to me and there I am with just a mat and not a clue) — but it was so comforting. For me to try yoga may just sound like another day to you adventurous folk, but I’m a mom who’s spent almost the past FOUR years at home with small babies, and only that. Never anything for myself. Hardly date nights with Mike and definitely no gym for even years BEFORE having kids! This is full of new beginnings for me and I LOVE having all the options in the world to enhance myself physically and emotionally by treating my body right!


I’m not even covering it all, there are camps and personalized workout programs and so many other amazing things the YMCA does and stands for. The cost is completely worth it and if this is pregnant women with lots of back pain and getting bigger by the minute saying it, it’s DEFINITELY worth you doing the “trial week” for free and seeing if it’s for you! 🙂

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